Mountainbiking in Aywaille

Aywaille: nice climbs and even better downhills. Starting the weekend with climbing the La Redoute (straight from the car) and riding routes 34, 35 and 36. Combine that with the company of my nephew Sander and freeride buddy Teon and you’ve got a great weekend..

Thanks to my buddy Teon we’ve got it all on “tape”…

Skitouring in Ötztal

Early morning, on the glacier

Again skitouring with a small team including the usual suspects Joop, Marcel and me. And when Joop “tjoep tjoep” tags along; you know you will be pushed to the limit. Of course our friend Markus was guiding us again..

Destination deep into the Ötztaler Alps; unlimited possibilities, a good hut and some beautiful peaks! What can go wrong?  Continue reading “Skitouring in Ötztal”

MountainMadness Family Jam 2018

The Mountain Madness Family Jam: the start of a new tradition! Thanks to the tremendous success of the previous edition, we organised a 2018 follow-up.

While the Alps nearly drowned in the snow. Winterberg recieved it’s fair share of rain. With temperatures just above the snow level; it was close but no cigar. But that’s the risk you take when you plan a winter trip to the Sauerland. Continue reading “MountainMadness Family Jam 2018”