welcome to my little world

Welcome to my little world; the irregular updates on my world of biking, skiing and bits of my personal life.

If the sites doesn’t work properly it probably means I’m messing with it or it is hacked because I was focusing on other things in life..

about me

Dad, husband, mountain-biker, skier/mountaineer, part-time nerd. Born in the seventies and online since the nineties. In my mind I’m still 20 years old although my body isn’t always convinced..

I grew up in the flatlands of the Netherlands but am genetically bound to love the mountains with a french family background. Got introduced in sailing by my girl and we managed to keep that boat afloat for ages now.

I like good material and bad weather; the combination of those makes good adventures.

Big fan of:

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Outdoor clothing, technical outerwear
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Cycling clothing
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Dutch freeride shop
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South African mountainbikes that rock!


Camping with kids

What does an average Dutchman when it is 6 degrees below freezing point? Of all the options, a night camping in the woods with the kids is probably not in the top 10..